Full Name
Dan Rael
Business Title
Co-Founder, Business Development
Speaker Bio
Dan Rael is the Co-Founder of CatalogIt and leads the sales, support, and business sides of the company. He studied anthropology, archaeology, and geology in college, and while studying at the University of New Mexico, he worked in the collections at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. He then spent a number of years as an archaeologist for the US Forest Service in California, on the Eldorado and Stanislaus National Forests.

Following a stint as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps in rural eastern Paraguay, Dan moved into the financial services world as a securities compliance officer, and ultimately led the brokerage side of a small investment company in San Francisco. Dan’s been a collector of things pretty much his whole life—from seashells to stamps to coins, and later, of ethnographic art. He is delighted to be deeply connected with, and contributing to, the history, culture, and art world through his work at CatalogIt.
Dan Rael