Full Name
Michael Pacovsky
Business Title
Director of Food & Beverage
Destination Kohler
Speaker Bio
With a longstanding love of food, Michael began his career as a line cook and server. Soon after, he earned a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Known for his belief in a positive mental attitude, Michael is always up for a challenge and believed he’d become a stronger chef if he learned all aspects of the restaurant industry. That exploration sparked a passion for hospitality, and he soon realized he enjoyed management roles even more than being a chef. He honed those skills as director of restaurants at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ, and Whistler, BC.

Throughout his career, Michael has launched several start-up restaurants and was VP of restaurants for IPIC Entertainment, where he worked alongside three-time James Beard award-winning chef Sherry Yard. After years of extensive travel, he was ready to return to the Midwest and to a Five Star environment, where encourages the team to “treat people like a guest in your home” every day. As director of food and beverage for Destination Kohler, he’s excited to cater to local preferences for comfort food in an elevated way that emphasizes healthy cuisine. He also encourages the team to thoughtfully prepare meals in tune with guests’ special dietary preferences and needs.
Michael Pacovsky