Full Name
Dan McCoy
Business Title
Former Chief Innovation Officer
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Speaker Bio
Dan McCoy is the former Chief Innovation Officer at the Transportation Security Administration. Dan and his team led innovation for the enterprise inclusive of people, platforms, processes, and growth. In 2022, TSA produced a first in government Innovation Doctrine which elevates the ideals, processes, and support for innovation to doctrinal guidance for the workforce. The hope is to grow innovation capacity within TSA and work with government, industry, and academia to increase our avenues and opportunities.

Since joining TSA, the group has launched the first design thinking cohort program in partnership with a Top 10 MBA program, established new LIFT (Local Innovation for TSA) teams located at airports across the country, and completing TSA’s first crowdsourced ideation challenge Power of Passengers in partnership with NASA. The Innovation program has taken several technologies, process, and procedures challenges from opportunity to solution through lean methodologies, design thinking, and the Innovation Pipeline.

Prior to TSA, he was the Domain Manager for Deloitte’s Catalyst brand, the global ecosystem innovation business, focusing on partnership, emerging technology, and innovative business models to transform government.
Dan McCoy